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Recent studies by the CADS lab featured in The NY Times  

"Positive information about vaccines doesn't get posted on social media".... Kalyani Sonawane 

About Us
Data Drives Decisions

Established in 2020, Clinical Analytics and Decision Science (CADS) lab is located in Charleston and reflects the diverse energy of the area. Here at CADS lab, we offer a comprehensive environment conducive to high-impact research. Our team encompasses a broad range of disease area expertise, methodological skill sets, and a track record of publications in prestigious medical journals. Since its inception, the lab has been highly invested in solving complex real-world issues using state-of-the-art healthcare data analytics in combination with clinical decision science.  In line with MUSC's "We are changing what's possible", we strive for excellence in research, provide training opportunities for next generation of scientists, and offer engaging courses in data analytics and decision science. 

Research domains

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Data analytics 


Decision Science/
Simulation modeling

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In The Media I NY Times  

Screen Shot 2021-12-13 at 2.49.17 PM.png

Recent studies by the CADS lab featured in The NY Times 

December 13, 2021

Recognition I NCI

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October 22, 2021

Recognition I SMDM 

CADS Lab postdoctoral fellow, Dr. Chi-Fang Wu was
a Finalist for the prestigious Lee Lusted Award by
the Society for

The study projected the economic burden of HIV/AIDS epidemic in the USA during 2020-2035 considering variation in infection rates and inflation 

October 15, 2021



Dr. Sonawane received a career development award from the National Institute on Minority and Disparities  to study disparities in the HPV vaccination uptake and completion among low-income adolescents  

September 1, 2021


New $4 million grant to determine optimal anal cancer screening among women with lower genital tract precancerous or cancer 

Dr. Deshmukh and colleagues (Dr. Keith Sigel [Mt. Sinai] and Dr. Elizabeth Chiao [MD Anderson Cancer Center]) received a grant from NCI to determine effective and cost-effective screening strategies for anal cancer prevention among high-risk women with a history cervical, vaginal, or vulvar cancer or precancerous

September 1, 2021



Drs. Lairson and Deshmukh received the UTHealth SPH Research Mentor-Mentee award for 2021 

May 1, 2021

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